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YOUTH OF TODAY - Take A Stand (Live) CD (1992)

YOUTH OF TODAY - Take A Stand (Live) CD
(Lost And Found Records, LF 044)
No need to introduce YOUTH OF TODAY here. The live-recording is kinda enjoyable, and I was wondering if this is a "legal" release done by the famous bootlegs kings from hannover, Lost and Found Records. It´s not a secret anymore that mostly of their releases in the early 90s are not as "official" as they always try to let the buyer think. Alot of oversea bands were ripped off by L&F.
L&F were also famous for the lack of informations about the recordings, so I really can´t tell you when and where the live songs were recorded. All I can say is, if you ever want to hear YOUTH OF TODAY doing a CRO-MAGS cover ("Malfunctions"), now you have the chance to, along w/ 29 more songs. So enough value for money...

Source / Quality: CD / VBR 192-256 KBPS
Time / MBs: ~ 54:17 min. / 80,06 MB

Youth Of Today - 01 - Slow Down.mp3
Youth Of Today - 02 - Malfunction.mp3
Youth Of Today - 03 - Can't Close My Eyes.mp3
Youth Of Today - 04 - Potential Friends.mp3
Youth Of Today - 05 - I Have Faith.mp3
Youth Of Today - 06 - Stabbed In The Back.mp3
Youth Of Today - 07 - Keep It Up.mp3
Youth Of Today - 08 - Better Than You.mp3
Youth Of Today - 09 - Put It Aside.mp3
Youth Of Today - 10 - Youth Crew.mp3
Youth Of Today - 11 - Break Down The Walls.mp3
Youth Of Today - 12 - Anarchy In.mp3
Youth Of Today - 13 - Make A Change.mp3
Youth Of Today - 14 - Flame Still Burns.mp3
Youth Of Today - 15 - Take A Stand.mp3
Youth Of Today - 16 - Pushed Too Far.mp3
Youth Of Today - 17 - A Time We'll Remember.mp3
Youth Of Today - 18 - Shout It.mp3
Youth Of Today - 19 - Choose To Be.mp3
Youth Of Today - 20 - One Night Stand.mp3
Youth Of Today - 21 - No More.mp3
Youth Of Today - 22 - Can't You See.mp3
Youth Of Today - 23 - Prejudice.mp3
Youth Of Today - 24 - Wake Up And Live.mp3
Youth Of Today - 25 - Honesty.mp3
Youth Of Today - 26 - Talk Is Cheap.mp3
Youth Of Today - 27 - Positive Outlook.mp3
Youth Of Today - 28 - Together.mp3
Youth Of Today - 29 - Youth Of Today.mp3
Youth Of Today - 30 - Understand.mp3


IDORA - s/t 7" (1991)

IDORA - s/t 7" (1991)
(Heartfirst Records, BEAT 005)
Astonishingly western style hardcore from this japanese hardcore band. Instead of raw, crust or typical J-Punk/Hardcore, IDORA sounds more like they would come from the states, if you can overlook their bad english. You need some examples? Alright, what about: "Never warm throw into the fire / But I say never sense". Another one? No problem: "What´s I say in the din / Wait the end in your nothing / With you forget myself / Into the feast selection boredom"
uuuh? wtf???.... maybe it´s because I´m just a fuckin´ kraut, but that sounds very, very odd.
Musicwise it´s powerful hardcore. As far as I remember, Flo (Heartfirst Records) promoted this 7" as the new NEGATIVE APPROACH (or something like that). Far to much, but this is still a great record in my opinion...
by the way: the man himself (Flo/Heartfirst Records) has also a blog w/ "blurry pictures and senseless rambling". It´s kinda new, but yet a pleasant read...

Source / Quality: 7" / VBR 192-256 KBPS
Time / MBs: ~ 12:31 min. / 23,18 MB

Idora - 01 - Last Sentence.mp3
Idora - 02 - Not Communization.mp3
Idora - 03 - Disport Illusion.mp3
Idora - 04 - Into The Feast.mp3
Idora - 05 - Another Face.mp3


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ABFUKK - Demo-Tape (2009)

ABFUKK - Demo-Tape (2009)
Alright, this blog was never meant to post "new stuff", not because I´m an old farts and believe "that everything was better in the old days", but I believe it kinda hard nowadays to sell your records to someone, when this "someone" could easily download the stuff somewhere on the internet, right?
After Chris of the Mosh Eisley blog ripped the demo of ABFUKK, I was abit "unsatisfied" w/ the sound. No, Chris did the best job you could imaging, but what do you expect from a rip of a demotape? Right on...
I usually chat w/ Makke (the drummer from ABFUKK) mostly very day and I ask him if he had the songs of the demo as mp3. Sure he had and after he finished work and was back at his place he send me the mp3s. That was yesterday...
Today, I woke up with the idea if I could spread the songs in a better quality thru this blog?!? The demo is already sold out, so what?
I distrub (chatting w/ girls... alright) makke again, and ask him and what can I say: here it is!!!! I hope you´ll enjoy it as much as I did!
About ABFUKK and to cut things short: formly known as THE ITALIAN STALLION, chancing name because they want to do a "different style" of hardcore/punk (I wish all bands would have the guts to break up and do another band, if they want to chance)
Check up their myshit page , go to their shows and buy their upcoming LP/CD later this year.
Believe me: it will blast you away...

Source / Quality: CDR / 160 KBPS
Time / MBs: ~ 8:18 min. / 10,07 MB

Abfukk - 01 - Brauchen Euch Nichtmehr.mp3
Abfukk - 02 - Punker.mp3
Abfukk - 03 - Protein Masculin.mp3
Abfukk - 04 - Hass.mp3



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STICKS AND STONES - Storm Coming 7" (1990)

STICKS AND STONES - Storm Coming 7" (1990)
(Skene Records, No. 8)
What a wonderful record, what a wonderful band. STICKS AND STONES from New Jersey plays wonderful catchy punk rock, just w/ the different that they have a keyboard for the second guitar. Sounds strange? Yeah, maybe, but believe me: it works perfectly!!!
If you think you know the singer from somewhere, maybe you know him from WORLD INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY! ;)
Alright, if you need more informations check this one and here you find theire "Inner Revolt" tape for downloading on the amazing "Blogged And Quartered" blog.
To the cover: I have something in the back of my mind that I read somewhere somehow of a small quantity of this 7" coming in a xerox cover. So here it is. I get the 7" with this xerox cover, but w/o the lyrics sheet and on the inside of the cover were stated handwritten: 29 of 120.

Source / Quality: 7" / 224 KBPS
Time / MBs: ~ 11:44 min. / 18,99 MB

Sticks And Stones - 01 - Along The Way.mp3
Sticks And Stones - 02 - Story.mp3
Sticks And Stones - 03 - Rogue.mp3
Sticks And Stones - 04 - Blindness.mp3


GG ALLIN - The Troubled Troubador 7" (1990)

GG ALLIN - The Troubled Troubador 7" (1990)
(Mountain Records, M733EP-002)
...and before someone might think this is a straight-edge hardcore blog, I had to post a GG ALLIN 7".
Different than his other recordings this three songs are more some kind of weirdo singer/songwriter stuff, w/ the usual sex und drugs lyrics. GG ALLIN w/ his accustic guitar and sometimes a slide guitar in the background.
"When I Die" is the hit here....

Source / Quality: 7" / 224 KBPS
Time / MBs: ~ 9:28 min. / 15,01 MB

GG Allin - 01 - When I Die.mp3
GG Allin - 02 - Liquor Slicked Highway.mp3
GG Allin - 03 - Sitting In This Room.mp3


CHARLEY´S WAR - s/t 7" (1990)

CHARLEY´S WAR - s/t 7" (1990)
(Crucial Response Records, CRR 009)
CHARLEY´S WAR, from Berlin, were on of the first Straight-Edge/NYHC-Style bands from germany. In the early 90s there was a real hype around this band. The famous "Zap" Fanzine featured the band alot, along with for example 7 INCH BOOTS.
So Peter Hören from Crucial Response Records (which were and still is a outstanding SxE/HC label) took the chance to released this 7".
As far as I remember there were alot of trouble afterward between the band and Peter. Things about retouched pics of the band (plain white t-shirt vs. a WARZONE shirt), non-printed lyrics and cut versions of thanks lists and stuff like that. Through MAD Tour Booking (you know the deal?!?) CHARLEY´S WAR toured alot with american bands like SLAPSHOT, UPFRONT etc. and get´s kinda kown within the scene.
Personally I liked the 7" alot, but afterward the band I used to sing back in the days played togeher w/ CHARLEY´S WAR I was totally disappointed because they guys from CW were acting real rockstarish.
Nevertheless, this 7" is kinda importend for german hardcore... so see it as a historic document, even through music wise it didn´t stand the test of time!

Source / Quality: 7" / 224 KBPS
Time / MBs: ~ 11:29 min. / 17,81 MB

Charley´s War - 01 - Think About Your Life.mp3
Charley´s War - 02 - We´re Young.mp3
Charley´s War - 03 - Got No Choice.mp3
Charley´s War - 04 - Wise Up.mp3


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SECOND COMBAT - What Has Inspired Us 7" (2006)

SECOND COMBAT - What Has Inspired Us 7"
(Commitment Records, COM30)
I do love South/East Asia, and I do love go backpacking there. The best part were always when I heard/read about a HC/Punk show going on there. Over the years I visit several punk shows in thailand, indonesia and malaysia and guess what: the shows were always GREAT! Everytime the kids going wild and party fuckin hard on every bands which had played there. No matter if that was a local band, or one of the few "westernd" bands which had the guts to tour S/E Asia - the kids slamdanced, stagedived, moshed and try to sing along the best they can...
Now, what have these things to do w/ SECOND COMBAT?
Well, SECOND COMBAT are a straight edge hardcore band from Malaysia. They even managed to tour europe a few years ago. They were the second band (the first one were a screamo band... can´t remember their name, sorry!) from Malaysia which took the chance to tour here... and now comes the funny thing about that: everytime a band from malaysia comes over to good old europe, I was backpacking somewhere in S/E Asia and I missed the band. Stupid me or aka. bad timing...

Source / Quality: 7" / 224 KBPS
Time / MBs: ~ 16:13 min. / 25,26 MB

Second Combat - 01 - Striving To Deny You.mp3
Second Combat - 02 - Infidelity.mp3
Second Combat - 03 - Worth Life To Redeem.mp3
Second Combat - 04 - Second Combat.mp3
Second Combat - 05 - You Won´t Listen.mp3
Second Combat - 06 - What Has Inspired Us.mp3


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V/A - Revive Us Again (1993)

V/A - Revive Us Again (1993)
(Machination Records, Number One)

Here´s another Compilation 7" before I go to bed. Hailing from Belgium, Machination Records brings us 8 Songs from 7 bands from all over the world. It starts with the mince/grindcore kings AGATHOCLES with a uncommonly hardcoreish track called "Get Off Your Ass" to followed by MEDICINE MAN from NYC with their strange sounding Hardcore/Punk. RUPTURE with their bad sounding track "Green Goblin´s Our Leader" and "Have a Free Life" by belgium crustcore kings HIATUS ends side A.
Side B starts with two songs by MAN IS THE BASTARDS, followed by a crustcore song from EXCREMENT OF WAR from the UK. "Don´t Need A Fucking God", a HEROIN cover by NATIONS ON FIRE ends this nice little plastic thing. All in all a quite well, but not a really "must-have" compilation with a few bigger names (MAN IS THE BASTARDS, AGATHOCLES, NATIONS ON FIRE...)

Source / Quality: 7" / 224 KBPS
Time / MBs: ~ 11:12 min. / 17,56 MB

01 - Agathocles - Get Off Your Ass.mp3
02 - Medicine Man - Table Scraps.mp3#
03 - Rupture - Green Goblin´s Our Leader.mp3
04 - Hiatus - Have A Free Life.mp3
05 - Man Is The Bastard - Funeral For Cargo.mp3
06 - Man Is The Bastard - Goodbye.mp3
07 - Excrement Of War - Armchair Critic.mp3
08 - Nations On Fire - Don´t Need A Fucking God.mp3


CONFLICT - This Is Not Enough 7" (1995)

CONFLICT - This Is Not Enough 7" (1995)
(Mortarhate, MORT 8)
I was never a "fan" of CONFLICT (and similar Anarcho-Punk-Bands). Mostly I couldn´t stand their lyrics and found them very pathetic. Sing about the state or government on the one hand, acting different, sign on "major labels" and stuff on the other hand.
Same thing here: instead of including the lyrics to their songs, CONFLICT (or the label or whoever) offers on the backside "The lyrics to this project are included in the publication "Statement" (Mort 180) containing information and lyrics relevant to all CONFLICT´s releases to date"
Hahaha.... what a bad joke.
So, I up the two songs just for the record - it was the first 7" I´ve ever ripped w/ my USB record player, and I guess there´re alot of people who still dig this, so what??!!?? I´m not a preacher nor a person-who-knows-it-all, so hear whatever you want, download the mp3s or don´t, I don´t care. CONFLICT aren´t my cup of tea, that´s all....

Source / Quality: 7" / 192KBPS
Time / MBs: ~4:30 min. / 6,27 MB

Conflict - 01 - This Is Not Enough.mp3
Conflict - 02 - Stand Up And Fucking Fight.mp3


FACE VALUE - Coming Of Age 7" (1990)

FACE VALUE - Coming Of Age 7" (1990)
(Conversion Records, #4)
Long time no see... I was kinda lazy, so what??!!??Anyway, I still have some time off from work, so I guess I´ll update here daily. Let´s start with this amazing 7" from the very early 90s.FACE VALUE were never as good as on this piece of plastic and they´re still the best thing which came out of Cleveland.... yes, forget about INTEGRITY!You can call it whatever you want, "just" Hardcore, the so-called "Clevo-Style", "Straight Edge Hardcore".... I´ll just call it BRILIANT!

Source / Quality: 7" / 224KBPS
Time / MBs: ~10:39 min. / 16,39 MB

Face Value - 01 - Can´t Take Much More.mp3
Face Value - 02 - What It Meant.mp3
Face Value - 03 - Nothing To Prove.mp3
Face Value - 04 - Coming Of Age.mp3
Face Value - 05 - One More Time/Holding The Grudge.mp3

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GOLPE JUSTO - s/t 7" (1991)

GOLPE JUSTO - s/t 7" (1991)
(Computer Crime Records, CCR#2)
I always loved this record, right from the start. Back in the early 90s it was a really "blast" for me that even in Puerto Rico exist hardcore/punk bands. *WOW*
Computer Crime Records only released 7" w/ bands from Puerto Rico, even the label was based in Norwalk, CT, USA. It seems like the guy who had run CCR was also puerto rican.
Back to the band, GOLPE JUSTO: think of a bastard of the rawness of old NYHC 7" ("United Blood" AGNOSTIC FRONT, CAUSE FOR ALARM 7", The MOB 7" etc.) and SICK OF IT ALL at the time of their first 7" on Revelation Records with hispanic lyrics and you get GOLPE JUSTO and the sound of their 7".
By the way: I´m searching for 2 releases of Computer Crime Records: SHAM PAIN - Siempre Lo Mismo 7" and HIJOS DE NADIE - El Puto Systema 7", so if you want get rid of your copy of these 7"s, just drop me a line or leave a comment here....

Source / Quality: 7" / 224KBPS
Time / MBs: ~11:03 min. / 17,31 MB

Golpe Justo - 01 - Cuelga Al Dictador.mp3
Golpe Justo - 02 - Maldita Oprecion.mp3
Golpe Justo - 03 - Conflicto Interno.mp3
Golpe Justo - 04 - Mundo Tras Las Rejas.mp3
Golpe Justo - 05 - Golpe Justo.mp3
Golpe Justo - 06 - Oposicion.mp3


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UNHOLY ALLIANCE - s/t 7" (1989)

UNHOLY ALLIANCE - s/t 7" (1989)
(Something Else Records)
Before I had to go to work, here´s another 7" I don´t know much about.
Seems like Unholy Alliance came outta NY, but insted of stereotype NY/HC they serve 6 songs, which reminds me sometimes like a early demo of Uniform Choice or Token Entry. Posicore w/ a high sung voice.
There´s a sticker on the back of the recordsleeve that say´s "Al from MURPHY´S LAW" (whoever!)
Anyway, not a really "must have", but interestedly for NY/HC, Murphy´s Law and Posicore fans.
Hey, this 7" isn´t even listed at the Flex Disco, so what??!!??

Source / Quality: 7" / 224KBPS
Time / MB: ~ 11:14 min. / 17.61 MB

Unholy Alliance - 01 - Choice.mp3
Unholy Alliance - 02 - Beer Song.mp3
Unholy Alliance - 03 - Being There.mp3
Unholy Alliance - 04 - Blown Away.mp3
Unholy Alliance - 05 - Mind Hunt.mp3
Unholy Alliance - 06 - Fake Friends.mp3


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EVEN SCORE - A New Means 7" (1990)

EVEN SCORE - A New Means 7" (1990)
(Axtion Packed Records, #003)
Can´t tell you much about this record, expect that Tony Victory (yes, that guy from Victory Records) use to sing in this band.
Typical late 80s/early 90s style Straight Edge Hardcore, which could also has been released on such labels like Conversion, Revelation or Victory Records.
The 7" (or rather the mastering of the 7") has a very bad sounding, without praise myself: I think this rip sounds even better than the orginal...

Source / Quality: 7" / 224 KBPS
Time / MB: ~ 12:12 min. / 19,79 MB

Even Score - 01 - Nothing.mp3
Even Score - 02 - Where Your From.mp3
Even Score - 03 - Protection.mp3
Even Score - 04 - A New Means.mp3
Even Score - 05 - Bodies Falling.mp3
Even Score - 06 - Can I Turn To You.mp3


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DOMESTIK DOKTRIN - s/t 7" (2004)

DOMESTIK DOKTRIN - s/t 7" (2004)
(625 Trashcore Records, 625102)
Amazing Thrashcore/Fastcore from Indonesia. This is the first 7" (or record in general) which was released on a western label from a indonesian or south/east asian-band. Good job from 625 Trashcore Records by the way.
If you think DOMESTIK DOKTRIN is an outstanding band or the one-and-only band from this area - think again! Domestik Doktrin are/were (I think they split up already) good ones, but there´re tons of other good bands coming from indonesia, malaysia or singapore - so, support the kids down there, right?

Source / Quality: 7" / 224 KBPS
Time / MB: ~ 7:57min. / 12.65 MB

Domestik Doktrin - 01 - (Intro) Duksionarisme Kanan-Kiri-Atas-Bawah.mp3
Domestik Doktrin - 02 - Sepakat Untuk Tidak Sepakat (Agree To Disagree).mp3
Domestik Doktrin - 03 - The Prank That Went Horribly Wrong.mp3
Domestik Doktrin - 04 - Profound Effect.mp3
Domestik Doktrin - 05 - Lower Class Blues (350 Years Reminiscent).mp3
Domestik Doktrin - 06 - Lupus Untuk Pemula-Buku Petunjuk Manual Yang Sangat Direkomendasikan Bagi Para Pembunah (Saturday Night Fever).mp3
Domestik Doktrin - 07 - Ready For The Geek Attack.mp3
Domestik Doktrin - 08 - Ulama Sirkus.mp3
Domestik Doktrin - 09 - Mess With The Best, End Up Like The Rest.mp3


V/A - Close Your Eyes And See Death 7" (1994)

V/A - Close Your Eyes And See Death 7" (1994)
(Re-Education Recordz, Strange Magnetism 1)
Great international Power Violence/Fastcore/Trashcore Compilation on a german label. You could find the four songs from LUZIFERS MOB, along with the tracks from their 7", the split LP w/ GOLGATHA and several compilations, on their discography "Never Mind Hardcore Punk here´s LUZIFERS MOB" on Repoman (CD) and Crucificados (LP). Buy it!
I found a nice discography website on CAPITALIST CASUALTIES here. I couldn´t tell you much about WOUNDED KNEE, except that they´re from luxembourg and had a three song 7" out on Strive Music/X-Mist. I´m pretty sure that they had also some tracks on several comp., but I´m too lazy to look after it.

It seems like this 7" at least has two pressing w/ different coverarts. I found another rip of this record w/ a slightly different tracklist on this cool blog!

Source / Quality: 7" / 224 KBPS
Time / MBs: ~ 11.19 min. / 17.77 MB

01 - Luzifers Mob - Licht Zwei.mp3
02 - Luzifers Mob - Lebensabend.mp3
03 - Luzifers Mob - Maulwurf.mp3
04 - Luzifers Mob - Frühjahrsmelodien.mp3
05 - Capitalist Casualties - Harsh Reality.mp3
06 - Capitalist Casualties - Proud To Be Shit.mp3
07 - Capitalist Casualties - Keep Control Of Your Life.mp3
08 - Capitalist Casualties - Puppet Regime.mp3
09 - Wounded Knee - Rethink.mp3
10 - Wounded Knee - Organized Religion.mp3


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ABUSO SONORO - Jogo Sujo 7" (1994)

ABUSO SONORO - Jogo Sujo 7" (1994)
(Low Life Records, LOW 007)
First 7" from this hardcore-punk band from Sáo Paulo, Brazil released in 1994.
I´m always surprise about the rawness of the brazilian hardcore-punk bands. If you listen to a band you don´t know, which is singing in a language you probaby don´t understand, you could be pretty sure, it´ll be from brazil. Seems like the "rawness-virus" from the 80s still lives on in brazil. Must be something in the water, I guess...
Anyway, after this 7" ABUSO SONORO released alot of other records on different labels (panx records (france), six week records (usa), yellow dog (germany). Alot of these releases are split 7"s / LPs w/ such well-known bands like DETESTATION, WOJCZECK, AUTORITÄR and NO VIOLENCE.
For more infos on ABUSO SONORO visit:

Source / Quality: 7" / 224 KBPS
Time / MB: ~ 11:32 min. / 17,86 MB

Abuso Sonoro - 01 - Sangue E Destruicao.mp3
Abuso Sonoro - 02 - Sem Terra.mp3
Abuso Sonoro - 03 - Amizade.mp3
Abuso Sonoro - 04 - Mundo Irreal.mp3
Abuso Sonoro - 05 - Faca Algo.mp3
Abuso Sonoro - 06 - Jogo Sujo.mp3
Abuso Sonoro - 07 - Acorde.mp3


Montag, 2. März 2009

ONE MAN NATION - Requiem For A Government CD (2004)

ONE MAN NATION - Requiem For A Government CD (2004)
Seems I got my "emo" day today, but fuck, this is too good to go unheard.
As I travel to south/east asia a few years back, I had the opportunity to visit some great hardcore/punk/oi shows there. At one show in singapore I see this "band" (in fact it was just a young chinese boy/man called Marc), standing there in front of the euphoric crowd, just arm w/ his guitar and this voice sending one shiver after another down my spine. "How intense is that?"
Think about a young BILLY BRAGG or maybe CHUCK RAGAN and you get maybe the point...
Strange things thru: After I ripped the CD I bought back than in singapore I try to google for some informations about OMN, and shortly I notice that marc is still around, living now in rotterdam (NL) and still doing music, but in a different vein.
Check up for more informations...

Source / Quality: CD-R / 224 KBPS
Time / MB : ~13:49 / 16,78 MB

One Man Nation - 01 - Requiem For A Governement.mp3
One Man Nation - 02 - Cynicism Killed The Idealist.mp3
One Man Nation - 03 - Behind Every Smile.mp3
One Man Nation - 04 - Highest Bidder Wins.mp3


HOT WATER MUSIC / RYDELL Split 7" (1998)

HOT WATER MUSIC / RYDELL Split 7" (1998)
(Scene Police Records #002)
Somehow I always liked HWM. I like the rawness in their "emotional" songs, I like the raw voice of their (main)-singer, Chuck Ragan and I very much like their lyrics, which inspired me alot.
Even their newest records were poppy, they broke up and "reunion" later... which is a thing I really hate in the hc/punk-scene.... HWM will always have a place in my heart.
This song is a demo-song.
I dunno much about the band from the flipside: RYDELL, except they´re coming from the UK and they´re ex-COUCH POTATOES. The song seems to be unreleased.

About the record label: Scene Police Records is now "dead and gone", but in the late 90s - early 2000s they had released some great records incl. bands like HAMMERHEAD, YAPHET KOTTO, TIGER LOU, STALINGRAD, STRIKE ANYWHERE, LACK and such...I don´t know why, but their website still works:

Source / Quality: 7" / 224 KBPS
Time / MB: ~ 5:33 min. / 9,01 MB

01 - Hot Water Music - Just Don´t Say You Lost It.mp3
02 - Rydell - Try Seventeen.mp3


Freitag, 27. Februar 2009

STOSSTRUPP - Kein Schöner Land 7" (1983)

STOSSTRUPP - Kein Schöner Land 7" (1983)
(Rock-O-Rama Records, RRR21)

STOSSTRUPP from Leverkusen (Germany) releases this 7″ (RRR 21), the “Wie lange noch?” LP (RRR20) and 3tracks on the “Die Deutschen kommen” Compilation LP (RRR 8 ) all on the “famous” Rock-O-Rama Records, which started as a “normal” punk-label, but were turned a few years later in a fascist/rascist/nazi/white power label, but all their punkrecords (OHL, RAZORS, COTZBROCKEN, M.A.F. etc. etc.) are classics in germany, they have all this typical, snotty Rock-O-Rama “productions” like you´ll hear on the STOSSTRUPP 7″.
The song “Neo´s” was a anti-nazi-song. The lyrics were printed on the backside of the cover. The one from the “Neo´s” song were crossed out w/ a big black pen on my 7″
PS: As I mention before I use to contribute some stuff to I upload this 7" without notice that there were some bad skips on the last to songs.
So, here´s a new rip without any skips, but with a better sound...

Source / Quality: 7" / 224 KBPS
Time / MB: ~ 11:02 / 16,99 MB

Stosstrupp - 01 - Neue Welt.mp3
Stosstrupp - 02 - Neo´s.mp3
Stosstrupp - 03 - Kein Schöner Land.mp3
Stosstrupp - 04 - Im Namen Des Volkes.mp3


SONS OF SADISM - S.O.S. 7" (1986)

SONS OF SADISM - s/t 7" (1986)
(Double A Records, AA02)
Yet another nice 7" which is essential for the german hardcore history.
While bands like SPERMBIRDS or SKEEZICKS spreading the hardcore-virus in south germany, bands like H.O.A., UNWANTED YOUTH or SONS OF SADISM (short: S.O.S.), goin´ nuts in west germany. A few years later, one guy of S.O.S. plays also in HASS, a german-punk (Deutschpunk) band.
Anyway, some people were disappointed from this 7", but I still like it alot... "Am Rande des Ruins" is still one of my hymns (yeah, also lyrics wise!!! ;) )

Source / Quality: 7" / 224 KBPS
Time / MB: ~10:07 min. / 15,6 MB

Sons Of Sadism - 01 - S.O.S..mp3
Sons Of Sadism - 02 - Ignorant.mp3
Sons Of Sadism - 03 - Millionen.mp3
Sons Of Sadism - 04 - Syndikat Des Untergangs.mp3
Sons Of Sadism - 05 - No Future.mp3
Sons Of Sadism - 06 - Am Rande Des Ruins.mp3


PANDEMONIUM - Wir Fahren Ins Grüne 7" (1985)

PANDEMONIUM - Wir Fahren Ins Grüne 7" (1985)
(Limbabwe Records)
Second 7" by this amazing 80´s Hardcore-Punk band from Venlo, Netherlands. If you wanna talk about hardcore-punk in europe, especially in the netherlands, you have to mention PANDEMONIUM in the same line as LÄRM or BGK...

If you like this stuff, go ahead and buy their discography "Sex Drugs Stocks and One Old Man Talking..." 2xCD released in 2002 on Coalition Records for only 12 €

Source / Quality: 7" / 224 KBPS
Time / MB: ~ 8:22 min. / 13,13 MB

Pandemonium - 01 - Paid Off.mp3
Pandemonium - 02 - Nothing To Worry.mp3
Pandemonium - 03 - No More Talk.mp3
Pandemonium - 04 - Full Prove.mp3
Pandemonium - ClonesPandemonium - 05 - Clones.mp3


Dienstag, 24. Februar 2009

HOSTAGES OF AYATOLLAH - Hostages Of Ayatollah 7" (1985)

HOSTAGES OF AYATOLLAH - Hostages Of Ayatollah 7" (1985)
(D.I.Y. / Weserlabel / Bonzen Records)
Some time ago, I use to contribute some stuff to the godfather of all Hardcore/punk mp3 blog sites:
After I mention that the H.O.A. 7" was one of the first HC records in germany the discussion started...
I guess it´s all a matter of how you define the pharse "hardcore", but no matter what, this 7" is a milestone in the german hardcore history.
First pressing was D.I.Y. by the band, the second pressing was done by "Weserlabel" (green cover) and in the 90s "Bonzen Records" re-released this classic w/ a black cover and different backcover.
Rumors says, that there´ll be some kind of discography LP/CD coming soon, so keep an eye open for this... if you´re looking for the "real deal", keep an eye open on the german ebay, it´s not hard to find it there and it´s quite cheap. I got my "Weserlabel" pressing for about 2,50€...
One last thing: If you´ve already d/l the version from 7InchPunk, don´t d/l again, it´s the same rip!

Source / Quality: 7" / 192 KBPS
Time / MB: ~ 8:15 min. / 11,41 MB

Hostages Of Ayatollah - 01 - Voulez-Vous.mp3
Hostages Of Ayatollah - 02 - Hallo Nachbar.mp3
Hostages Of Ayatollah - 03 - In Meinem Zimmer.mp3
Hostages Of Ayatollah - 04 - Oh Mama.mp3
Hostages Of Ayatollah - 05 - Ohne Hirn.mp3
Hostages Of Ayatollah - 06 - Geh Doch Nach Drueben.mp3



(Human Discrete Records)
Very obscure Japan Hardcore 3" Mini-CD from 1992. As far as I can remember I order it via X-Mist mailorder in the early 90s. Also the google search was not very satisfying... entitled this one "noise & straight hard core", which is printed somewhere on the inside at the cute little fold-out digipack-type cd case (in fact it looks more like a little matchbook), but I don´t think this is the real title of this CD.
Nonetheless, nice 3 songs of japanese hardcore-trash... typical 90s style, if you ask me... enjoy

Source / Quality: 3" CD / 224 KBPS
Time / MB: 4:34 min / 6,88 MB

Scarecrow Carried Brain - 01 - B-29.mp3
Scarecrow Carried Brain - 02 - Nightmares Temptation.mp3
Scarecrow Carried Brain - 03 - Suffering Future.mp3


UNDERTOW - The Extinction Of All That Is Holy 7" (1990)

UNDERTOW - The Extinction Of All That Is Holy 7" (1990)
(Overkill Records OKR 004)
This 7" is the product of a mispressing. Usually the both songs use to be on the UNDERTOW / RESOLUTION Split 7", but somehow 250 of this 7" were made with 1 song on each side, wrapped in a funny "heavy metal" rip-off cover.
If you don´t know UNDERTOW: they played 90s metallic moshing straight edge hardcore, not to be confounding with nowadays metallic "hardcore-bands"

Source / Quality: 7" / 224 KBPS
Time / MB: ~ 6:11 / 9,75 MB

1. My Enemy
2. All I Can Give


Montag, 23. Februar 2009

VA - Hardcore Unlawful Assembly LP (1984)

VA - Hardcore Unlawful Assembly (1984)
(AA Records)
One of the Japan-Punk Record Collectors wet dreams.
This aweful compilation was released in 1984 by AA Records and includes such great bands like GISM, LIP CREAM or LAUGHIN´ NOSE.
Even the opener "I can´t trust a woman" by LIP CREAM is a loco, weird over 5 minutes punkrock Song w/ a mouth organ (!!!!)
I rip the mp3s from the official CD re-released by AA Records, Japan, from 1991

Source / Quality: CD / 224 KBPS
Time / MB: ~54:42 min. / 71,6 MB

01 - Laughin´ Nose - I Can't Trust A Woman.mp3
02 - Laughin´ Nose - Scene Death.mp3
03 - Mobs - Charisma.mp3
04 - Mobs - No More Hero.mp3
05 - Cobra - 1984.mp3
06 - Cobra - Inside Out.mp3
07 - Lip Cream - Pental.mp3
08 - Lip Cream - Dazed Confused.mp3
09 - GISM - Still Alive.mp3
10 - GISM - Nervous Corps.mp3
11 - Outo - UK.mp3
12 - Outo - I Like Cola.mp3
13 - Baws - G.I. Joe.mp3
14 - Baws - Cowerd.mp3
15 - Zouo - You Like It That Way.mp3
16 - Zouo - Frustration.mp3


Samstag, 21. Februar 2009

ABC DIABOLO - s/t 7" (1992)

ABC DIABOLO - s/t 7" (1992)
(Off The Disk Records #11)
What a stronghold, what a insane voice - you´ll never ever hear something like that again - I swear!!!
ABC DIABOLO crashes in the early 90s into the german Hardcore scene out of nowhere and without any warning and leave a very big expression on me.
I couldn´t even describe their music, nearest comparing would be maybe RORSCHACH, but that wouldn´t fit either... I guess you´ll have to listen to it! ;)
After this 7", ABC DIABOLO released two more LPs on Common Cause Records ("Last Intoxication of Senses" and "Give Rise to Doubts") and broke up in 1995.

Source / Quality: 7" / 192 KBPS
Time / MB: ~ 10:32 min. / 14,3 MB

ABC Diabolo - 01 - Hatredge.mp3
ABC Diabolo - 02 - Superlative People.mp3
ABC Diabolo - 03 - Their Choice For You.mp3
ABC Diabolo - 04 - Mission.mp3


Donnerstag, 19. Februar 2009

RORSCHACH / 1.6 BAND Split 7" (1994)

RORSCHACH / 1.6 BAND Split 7" (1994)
(Chainsaw Safety Records / Troubleman Unlimited TM005)
Not sure about the release year of this one, both songs were recorded in 1992, but 1994 were mention on the leaflet, somewhere on the internet I also read 1995.... *shrug*
Anyway, both bands do a cover of a classic hardcore-punk band. RORSCHACH do a intense cover of "My War" by BLACK FLAG, 1.6 BAND do a poppy cover of "Trying" by DAG NASTY... *sweet*

Source / Quality: 7" / 224 KBPS
Time / MB: ~ 4:38 min. / 7,2 MB

01 - Rorschach - My War.mp3
02 - 1.6 Band - Trying.mp3


V/A - Sick But Slick 7" (1992)

V/A - Sick But Slick 7" (1992)
(Nawpost Records 01)
Very nice little NY/HC Compilation 7" with two of my alltime fave NY/HC Bands: YUPPICIDE and of course S.F.A.! Last-mentioned does a good cover of the Plasmatics song "Butcher Baby".
If you´re looking for tough guy NY/HC, look somewhere else, this is Hardcore/Punk at it best.

Source / Quality: 7" / 224 KBPS
Time / MB: ~ 10:23 min. / 16,8 MB

01 - Awkward Thought - People.mp3
02 - Yuppicide - Socialization.mp3
03 - No Win Situation - Backup System.mp3
04 - S.F.A. - Butcher Baby.mp3
05 Huasipungo - Caminos.mp3


DAMNABLE EXCITE ZOMBIES - Suck Your Soul 7" (1992)

DAMNABLE EXCITE ZOMBIES - Suck Your Soul 7" (1992)
(AMOK Records #007)
Still one of my fave Japan-Trash-7"!
I think DEZ have just release one more Split 7" and that´s it! What a shame!!!Furious Japan-Hardcore the way we all love it, released on a German Label.

Source / Quality: 7" / 192KBPS
Time / MB: -9:34 min. /13,4 MB

Damnable Excite Zombies - 01 - Sect (Suck Your Soul).mp3
Damnable Excite Zombies - 02 - Insane.mp3
Damnable Excite Zombies - 03 - Out Of Order.mp3
Damnable Excite Zombies - 04 - Get Back.mp3
Damnable Excite Zombies - 05 - Darkness.mp3


GEPOPEL - Paracide 7" (1985)

GEPOPEL - Paracide 7" (1985)
(Die Hard Records #1)
Great Dutch Hardcore-Punk from the Mid-80s in the vein of BGK, LÄRM, WINTERSWIJK CHAOS FRONT etc.

Source / Quality: 7" / 192KBPS
Time/MB: ~ 11:04 min. / 16,2MB

Gepopel - 01 - Paracide.mp3
Gepopel - 02 - In Our Hands.mp3
Gepopel - 03 - Dogs.mp3
Gepopel - 04 - Ze Komen Ook Bij Jou.mp3
Gepopel - 05 - Bandwagon.mp3
Gepopel - 06 - Tied To Time.mp3
Gepopel - 07 - Blind Faith.mp3
Gepopel - 08 - Just Because.mp3