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CHARLEY´S WAR - s/t 7" (1990)

CHARLEY´S WAR - s/t 7" (1990)
(Crucial Response Records, CRR 009)
CHARLEY´S WAR, from Berlin, were on of the first Straight-Edge/NYHC-Style bands from germany. In the early 90s there was a real hype around this band. The famous "Zap" Fanzine featured the band alot, along with for example 7 INCH BOOTS.
So Peter Hören from Crucial Response Records (which were and still is a outstanding SxE/HC label) took the chance to released this 7".
As far as I remember there were alot of trouble afterward between the band and Peter. Things about retouched pics of the band (plain white t-shirt vs. a WARZONE shirt), non-printed lyrics and cut versions of thanks lists and stuff like that. Through MAD Tour Booking (you know the deal?!?) CHARLEY´S WAR toured alot with american bands like SLAPSHOT, UPFRONT etc. and get´s kinda kown within the scene.
Personally I liked the 7" alot, but afterward the band I used to sing back in the days played togeher w/ CHARLEY´S WAR I was totally disappointed because they guys from CW were acting real rockstarish.
Nevertheless, this 7" is kinda importend for german hardcore... so see it as a historic document, even through music wise it didn´t stand the test of time!

Source / Quality: 7" / 224 KBPS
Time / MBs: ~ 11:29 min. / 17,81 MB

Charley´s War - 01 - Think About Your Life.mp3
Charley´s War - 02 - We´re Young.mp3
Charley´s War - 03 - Got No Choice.mp3
Charley´s War - 04 - Wise Up.mp3


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