Samstag, 25. Juli 2009

ABFUKK - Demo-Tape (2009)

ABFUKK - Demo-Tape (2009)
Alright, this blog was never meant to post "new stuff", not because I´m an old farts and believe "that everything was better in the old days", but I believe it kinda hard nowadays to sell your records to someone, when this "someone" could easily download the stuff somewhere on the internet, right?
After Chris of the Mosh Eisley blog ripped the demo of ABFUKK, I was abit "unsatisfied" w/ the sound. No, Chris did the best job you could imaging, but what do you expect from a rip of a demotape? Right on...
I usually chat w/ Makke (the drummer from ABFUKK) mostly very day and I ask him if he had the songs of the demo as mp3. Sure he had and after he finished work and was back at his place he send me the mp3s. That was yesterday...
Today, I woke up with the idea if I could spread the songs in a better quality thru this blog?!? The demo is already sold out, so what?
I distrub (chatting w/ girls... alright) makke again, and ask him and what can I say: here it is!!!! I hope you´ll enjoy it as much as I did!
About ABFUKK and to cut things short: formly known as THE ITALIAN STALLION, chancing name because they want to do a "different style" of hardcore/punk (I wish all bands would have the guts to break up and do another band, if they want to chance)
Check up their myshit page , go to their shows and buy their upcoming LP/CD later this year.
Believe me: it will blast you away...

Source / Quality: CDR / 160 KBPS
Time / MBs: ~ 8:18 min. / 10,07 MB

Abfukk - 01 - Brauchen Euch Nichtmehr.mp3
Abfukk - 02 - Punker.mp3
Abfukk - 03 - Protein Masculin.mp3
Abfukk - 04 - Hass.mp3




  1. yo,

    ich war auch ein wenig enttäuscht über ergebnis des tape rippens.
    sind schon ein wenig leise die songs,auch bei 320 kbs/sek und bass boost.
    danke für die bessere version!


  2. 320 kBit/s mp3? Wo haste die Version her?
    Will das zufällig jemand verkaufen? :P
    E-Mail: sascha892001 yahoo de