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SECOND COMBAT - What Has Inspired Us 7" (2006)

SECOND COMBAT - What Has Inspired Us 7"
(Commitment Records, COM30)
I do love South/East Asia, and I do love go backpacking there. The best part were always when I heard/read about a HC/Punk show going on there. Over the years I visit several punk shows in thailand, indonesia and malaysia and guess what: the shows were always GREAT! Everytime the kids going wild and party fuckin hard on every bands which had played there. No matter if that was a local band, or one of the few "westernd" bands which had the guts to tour S/E Asia - the kids slamdanced, stagedived, moshed and try to sing along the best they can...
Now, what have these things to do w/ SECOND COMBAT?
Well, SECOND COMBAT are a straight edge hardcore band from Malaysia. They even managed to tour europe a few years ago. They were the second band (the first one were a screamo band... can´t remember their name, sorry!) from Malaysia which took the chance to tour here... and now comes the funny thing about that: everytime a band from malaysia comes over to good old europe, I was backpacking somewhere in S/E Asia and I missed the band. Stupid me or aka. bad timing...

Source / Quality: 7" / 224 KBPS
Time / MBs: ~ 16:13 min. / 25,26 MB

Second Combat - 01 - Striving To Deny You.mp3
Second Combat - 02 - Infidelity.mp3
Second Combat - 03 - Worth Life To Redeem.mp3
Second Combat - 04 - Second Combat.mp3
Second Combat - 05 - You Won´t Listen.mp3
Second Combat - 06 - What Has Inspired Us.mp3


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