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V/A - Revive Us Again (1993)

V/A - Revive Us Again (1993)
(Machination Records, Number One)

Here´s another Compilation 7" before I go to bed. Hailing from Belgium, Machination Records brings us 8 Songs from 7 bands from all over the world. It starts with the mince/grindcore kings AGATHOCLES with a uncommonly hardcoreish track called "Get Off Your Ass" to followed by MEDICINE MAN from NYC with their strange sounding Hardcore/Punk. RUPTURE with their bad sounding track "Green Goblin´s Our Leader" and "Have a Free Life" by belgium crustcore kings HIATUS ends side A.
Side B starts with two songs by MAN IS THE BASTARDS, followed by a crustcore song from EXCREMENT OF WAR from the UK. "Don´t Need A Fucking God", a HEROIN cover by NATIONS ON FIRE ends this nice little plastic thing. All in all a quite well, but not a really "must-have" compilation with a few bigger names (MAN IS THE BASTARDS, AGATHOCLES, NATIONS ON FIRE...)

Source / Quality: 7" / 224 KBPS
Time / MBs: ~ 11:12 min. / 17,56 MB

01 - Agathocles - Get Off Your Ass.mp3
02 - Medicine Man - Table Scraps.mp3#
03 - Rupture - Green Goblin´s Our Leader.mp3
04 - Hiatus - Have A Free Life.mp3
05 - Man Is The Bastard - Funeral For Cargo.mp3
06 - Man Is The Bastard - Goodbye.mp3
07 - Excrement Of War - Armchair Critic.mp3
08 - Nations On Fire - Don´t Need A Fucking God.mp3


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