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STICKS AND STONES - Storm Coming 7" (1990)

STICKS AND STONES - Storm Coming 7" (1990)
(Skene Records, No. 8)
What a wonderful record, what a wonderful band. STICKS AND STONES from New Jersey plays wonderful catchy punk rock, just w/ the different that they have a keyboard for the second guitar. Sounds strange? Yeah, maybe, but believe me: it works perfectly!!!
If you think you know the singer from somewhere, maybe you know him from WORLD INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY! ;)
Alright, if you need more informations check this one and here you find theire "Inner Revolt" tape for downloading on the amazing "Blogged And Quartered" blog.
To the cover: I have something in the back of my mind that I read somewhere somehow of a small quantity of this 7" coming in a xerox cover. So here it is. I get the 7" with this xerox cover, but w/o the lyrics sheet and on the inside of the cover were stated handwritten: 29 of 120.

Source / Quality: 7" / 224 KBPS
Time / MBs: ~ 11:44 min. / 18,99 MB

Sticks And Stones - 01 - Along The Way.mp3
Sticks And Stones - 02 - Story.mp3
Sticks And Stones - 03 - Rogue.mp3
Sticks And Stones - 04 - Blindness.mp3


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