Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2009

IDORA - s/t 7" (1991)

IDORA - s/t 7" (1991)
(Heartfirst Records, BEAT 005)
Astonishingly western style hardcore from this japanese hardcore band. Instead of raw, crust or typical J-Punk/Hardcore, IDORA sounds more like they would come from the states, if you can overlook their bad english. You need some examples? Alright, what about: "Never warm throw into the fire / But I say never sense". Another one? No problem: "What´s I say in the din / Wait the end in your nothing / With you forget myself / Into the feast selection boredom"
uuuh? wtf???.... maybe it´s because I´m just a fuckin´ kraut, but that sounds very, very odd.
Musicwise it´s powerful hardcore. As far as I remember, Flo (Heartfirst Records) promoted this 7" as the new NEGATIVE APPROACH (or something like that). Far to much, but this is still a great record in my opinion...
by the way: the man himself (Flo/Heartfirst Records) has also a blog w/ "blurry pictures and senseless rambling". It´s kinda new, but yet a pleasant read...

Source / Quality: 7" / VBR 192-256 KBPS
Time / MBs: ~ 12:31 min. / 23,18 MB

Idora - 01 - Last Sentence.mp3
Idora - 02 - Not Communization.mp3
Idora - 03 - Disport Illusion.mp3
Idora - 04 - Into The Feast.mp3
Idora - 05 - Another Face.mp3



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