Montag, 20. Juli 2009

CONFLICT - This Is Not Enough 7" (1995)

CONFLICT - This Is Not Enough 7" (1995)
(Mortarhate, MORT 8)
I was never a "fan" of CONFLICT (and similar Anarcho-Punk-Bands). Mostly I couldn´t stand their lyrics and found them very pathetic. Sing about the state or government on the one hand, acting different, sign on "major labels" and stuff on the other hand.
Same thing here: instead of including the lyrics to their songs, CONFLICT (or the label or whoever) offers on the backside "The lyrics to this project are included in the publication "Statement" (Mort 180) containing information and lyrics relevant to all CONFLICT´s releases to date"
Hahaha.... what a bad joke.
So, I up the two songs just for the record - it was the first 7" I´ve ever ripped w/ my USB record player, and I guess there´re alot of people who still dig this, so what??!!?? I´m not a preacher nor a person-who-knows-it-all, so hear whatever you want, download the mp3s or don´t, I don´t care. CONFLICT aren´t my cup of tea, that´s all....

Source / Quality: 7" / 192KBPS
Time / MBs: ~4:30 min. / 6,27 MB

Conflict - 01 - This Is Not Enough.mp3
Conflict - 02 - Stand Up And Fucking Fight.mp3



  1. This was released by MOTARHATE records, a lable owned and operated by conflict, no major lables for conflict, in the spirit of Crass i suppose -DIY. Take their politics in context, annoying as it may be, decent musicians and song writers, for punk rock. Pretty classic stuff, though I'm not sure how it's aged.

  2. This rules. Still. Thanks for the rip!

  3. they never singed to any major labels they released all there own music on there label MOTARHATE learn