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STOSSTRUPP - Kein Schöner Land 7" (1983)

STOSSTRUPP - Kein Schöner Land 7" (1983)
(Rock-O-Rama Records, RRR21)

STOSSTRUPP from Leverkusen (Germany) releases this 7″ (RRR 21), the “Wie lange noch?” LP (RRR20) and 3tracks on the “Die Deutschen kommen” Compilation LP (RRR 8 ) all on the “famous” Rock-O-Rama Records, which started as a “normal” punk-label, but were turned a few years later in a fascist/rascist/nazi/white power label, but all their punkrecords (OHL, RAZORS, COTZBROCKEN, M.A.F. etc. etc.) are classics in germany, they have all this typical, snotty Rock-O-Rama “productions” like you´ll hear on the STOSSTRUPP 7″.
The song “Neo´s” was a anti-nazi-song. The lyrics were printed on the backside of the cover. The one from the “Neo´s” song were crossed out w/ a big black pen on my 7″
PS: As I mention before I use to contribute some stuff to I upload this 7" without notice that there were some bad skips on the last to songs.
So, here´s a new rip without any skips, but with a better sound...

Source / Quality: 7" / 224 KBPS
Time / MB: ~ 11:02 / 16,99 MB

Stosstrupp - 01 - Neue Welt.mp3
Stosstrupp - 02 - Neo´s.mp3
Stosstrupp - 03 - Kein Schöner Land.mp3
Stosstrupp - 04 - Im Namen Des Volkes.mp3


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