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HOSTAGES OF AYATOLLAH - Hostages Of Ayatollah 7" (1985)

HOSTAGES OF AYATOLLAH - Hostages Of Ayatollah 7" (1985)
(D.I.Y. / Weserlabel / Bonzen Records)
Some time ago, I use to contribute some stuff to the godfather of all Hardcore/punk mp3 blog sites: http://www.7inchpunk.com/
After I mention that the H.O.A. 7" was one of the first HC records in germany the discussion started...
I guess it´s all a matter of how you define the pharse "hardcore", but no matter what, this 7" is a milestone in the german hardcore history.
First pressing was D.I.Y. by the band, the second pressing was done by "Weserlabel" (green cover) and in the 90s "Bonzen Records" re-released this classic w/ a black cover and different backcover.
Rumors says, that there´ll be some kind of discography LP/CD coming soon, so keep an eye open for this... if you´re looking for the "real deal", keep an eye open on the german ebay, it´s not hard to find it there and it´s quite cheap. I got my "Weserlabel" pressing for about 2,50€...
One last thing: If you´ve already d/l the version from 7InchPunk, don´t d/l again, it´s the same rip!

Source / Quality: 7" / 192 KBPS
Time / MB: ~ 8:15 min. / 11,41 MB

Hostages Of Ayatollah - 01 - Voulez-Vous.mp3
Hostages Of Ayatollah - 02 - Hallo Nachbar.mp3
Hostages Of Ayatollah - 03 - In Meinem Zimmer.mp3
Hostages Of Ayatollah - 04 - Oh Mama.mp3
Hostages Of Ayatollah - 05 - Ohne Hirn.mp3
Hostages Of Ayatollah - 06 - Geh Doch Nach Drueben.mp3


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