Dienstag, 24. Februar 2009

UNDERTOW - The Extinction Of All That Is Holy 7" (1990)

UNDERTOW - The Extinction Of All That Is Holy 7" (1990)
(Overkill Records OKR 004)
This 7" is the product of a mispressing. Usually the both songs use to be on the UNDERTOW / RESOLUTION Split 7", but somehow 250 of this 7" were made with 1 song on each side, wrapped in a funny "heavy metal" rip-off cover.
If you don´t know UNDERTOW: they played 90s metallic moshing straight edge hardcore, not to be confounding with nowadays metallic "hardcore-bands"

Source / Quality: 7" / 224 KBPS
Time / MB: ~ 6:11 / 9,75 MB

1. My Enemy
2. All I Can Give



  1. Hey. Do you actually have this vinyl? I have been trying to find a copy everywhere and would be more than happy to buy it from you. :)

  2. Here they have it for sale: