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ABUSO SONORO - Jogo Sujo 7" (1994)

ABUSO SONORO - Jogo Sujo 7" (1994)
(Low Life Records, LOW 007)
First 7" from this hardcore-punk band from Sáo Paulo, Brazil released in 1994.
I´m always surprise about the rawness of the brazilian hardcore-punk bands. If you listen to a band you don´t know, which is singing in a language you probaby don´t understand, you could be pretty sure, it´ll be from brazil. Seems like the "rawness-virus" from the 80s still lives on in brazil. Must be something in the water, I guess...
Anyway, after this 7" ABUSO SONORO released alot of other records on different labels (panx records (france), six week records (usa), yellow dog (germany). Alot of these releases are split 7"s / LPs w/ such well-known bands like DETESTATION, WOJCZECK, AUTORITÄR and NO VIOLENCE.
For more infos on ABUSO SONORO visit: www.myspace.com/abusosonoro

Source / Quality: 7" / 224 KBPS
Time / MB: ~ 11:32 min. / 17,86 MB

Abuso Sonoro - 01 - Sangue E Destruicao.mp3
Abuso Sonoro - 02 - Sem Terra.mp3
Abuso Sonoro - 03 - Amizade.mp3
Abuso Sonoro - 04 - Mundo Irreal.mp3
Abuso Sonoro - 05 - Faca Algo.mp3
Abuso Sonoro - 06 - Jogo Sujo.mp3
Abuso Sonoro - 07 - Acorde.mp3


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