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ONE MAN NATION - Requiem For A Government CD (2004)

ONE MAN NATION - Requiem For A Government CD (2004)
Seems I got my "emo" day today, but fuck, this is too good to go unheard.
As I travel to south/east asia a few years back, I had the opportunity to visit some great hardcore/punk/oi shows there. At one show in singapore I see this "band" (in fact it was just a young chinese boy/man called Marc), standing there in front of the euphoric crowd, just arm w/ his guitar and this voice sending one shiver after another down my spine. "How intense is that?"
Think about a young BILLY BRAGG or maybe CHUCK RAGAN and you get maybe the point...
Strange things thru: After I ripped the CD I bought back than in singapore I try to google for some informations about OMN, and shortly I notice that marc is still around, living now in rotterdam (NL) and still doing music, but in a different vein.
Check up for more informations...

Source / Quality: CD-R / 224 KBPS
Time / MB : ~13:49 / 16,78 MB

One Man Nation - 01 - Requiem For A Governement.mp3
One Man Nation - 02 - Cynicism Killed The Idealist.mp3
One Man Nation - 03 - Behind Every Smile.mp3
One Man Nation - 04 - Highest Bidder Wins.mp3


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