Montag, 23. März 2009

GOLPE JUSTO - s/t 7" (1991)

GOLPE JUSTO - s/t 7" (1991)
(Computer Crime Records, CCR#2)
I always loved this record, right from the start. Back in the early 90s it was a really "blast" for me that even in Puerto Rico exist hardcore/punk bands. *WOW*
Computer Crime Records only released 7" w/ bands from Puerto Rico, even the label was based in Norwalk, CT, USA. It seems like the guy who had run CCR was also puerto rican.
Back to the band, GOLPE JUSTO: think of a bastard of the rawness of old NYHC 7" ("United Blood" AGNOSTIC FRONT, CAUSE FOR ALARM 7", The MOB 7" etc.) and SICK OF IT ALL at the time of their first 7" on Revelation Records with hispanic lyrics and you get GOLPE JUSTO and the sound of their 7".
By the way: I´m searching for 2 releases of Computer Crime Records: SHAM PAIN - Siempre Lo Mismo 7" and HIJOS DE NADIE - El Puto Systema 7", so if you want get rid of your copy of these 7"s, just drop me a line or leave a comment here....

Source / Quality: 7" / 224KBPS
Time / MBs: ~11:03 min. / 17,31 MB

Golpe Justo - 01 - Cuelga Al Dictador.mp3
Golpe Justo - 02 - Maldita Oprecion.mp3
Golpe Justo - 03 - Conflicto Interno.mp3
Golpe Justo - 04 - Mundo Tras Las Rejas.mp3
Golpe Justo - 05 - Golpe Justo.mp3
Golpe Justo - 06 - Oposicion.mp3



  1. thanks for this! there is a copy of Siempre Lo Mismo 7" on discogs for sale for 5-6 euro

    both records are for sale...small price